🐱** advice needed ** Hi fellow cat mums and cat dads. Here a cat dad since 20 years. Had a total of four cats in that period. Two passed away. I still have two lovely ones. They are both old ladies. 14 and 16 years old. But at times still playful.

I have a soft spot for white cats. One of cats that passed away was a white female. I guess she was the one for me. She always was where I was. I do miss her. Has been 2,5 years now she passed away. She was green eyed and fully hearing for a white cat. She was not affected by that gen that deafens white kittens after birth.

I have a weird form of self-flagellation. I always look around at cat shelters on the Internet and hope that they are getting adopted soon. And I can be really happy if they are marked for adoption (before I start to get attached to them. I know dangerous).

So dangerous that I found this white kitten in a shelter and I got instantly attached. Also Due to the fact she is deaf and still is not adopted. I am seriously thinking of adopting her. But I in doubt by two things.

  1. I have two grandmas running around here which are 14 and 16. And I don’t know if they handle a kitten of 4 months. If its good for the kitten. In other words: is it a sane idea.

  2. Although I am a experienced cat dad, I don’t know 💩about deaf cats. I try to read up on it now.

I come across medical sheets with the “why” this happens to white kittens. But what I really need is

  1. Advice on how a deaf cat will react with other cats. If this a beneficial for the kitten and or the old ladies.
  2. Advice on how I can be prepared for such a wonderful creature. What should I do or don’t do.
  3. Whether or not it is a sane idea to do this.

So I hope that here on this platform there are cat mums or cat dads with advice or experience on deaf cats.

Thank you in advance if you are willing to share.